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  1. A program designed to help neighborhoods prepare for disasters by mapping neighborhood capacities as well as areas of vulnerability and special need.
  2. Includes seven core data sets that drive GHA's analysis, mapping and quantifying of the financing flows to humanitarian crises.
  3. This Praxis Note summarises the lessons learnt from five years of support to capacity development of CSOs in crises, and looks at the trends of capacity development practice in the Dutch INGO members of the network PSO.
  4. Review of the Community Disaster Resilience Fund which was designed as a mechanism for bringing local priorities and capacities of disaster prone vulnerable communities to DRR programming.
  5. Manual for trainers, practitioners and facilitators from local government authorities, civil society organizations, academic institutions and women’s groups and communities to help harness the capacities of both women and men in addressing vulnerable conditions and protecting themselves, their families and communities against hazards.
  6. Paper about the role of cognition in 'increasing resilience in the capacity of communities to manage recurring risk and to respond to, and recover from, disaster'.
  7. The Centre's Disaster Studies and Management programme covers socio-economic vulnerability to disasters and disaster management (principally mitigation and preparedness).
  8. Critique on the lack of robust measurement frameworks and attention to the dimensions of participation in most participatory development approaches.
  9. A collection of methodologies and case studies on CRA to help users to identify the most appropriate assessment methodologies and applications. Guidance notes for each of the the methods and case studies provide additional analysis.

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