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  1. Competition to design and develop prototypes for flood relief.
    04-08-2012 to , , , by ian odonnell
  2. Study of the annual variation in the incidence of typhoons to identify the effect of environmental disaster on economic and health outcomes in Filipino households.
  3. An overview of the Climate Disaster Resilience Index which is based on five resilience-based dimensions: natural, physical, social, economic and institutional. The study includes 10 cities throughout Asia: Banda Aceh, Bangkok, Colombo, Danang, Hue, Iloilo, Mumbai, San Fernando, and Yokohama.
  4. Report building on a set of 40 research studies in the tsunami affected regions of India and Sri Lanka aimed at improving the policies and practices of Oxfam and other aid agencies in the tsunami response, as well as contributing to humanitarian aid effectiveness in future emergencies. The studies cover a range of topics including disaster risk reduction (DRR), gender equity, climate change, physical and mental health, livelihoods, conflict, and local capacity.
  5. Article on the failure of the large-scale eco-city projects planned in China that were intended to be models of green urban design.
  6. UNDP launched an initiative on Community Monitoring & Preparedness for Natural Disasters, COMPREND. Established in September 2004, this new global initiative promotes activities that catalyze environmental monitoring and preparedness efforts at the local community level for earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and severe weather disasters. Founded on south-south cooperation, i.e., collaboration between developing countries, COMPREND is a global program that encourages the sharing of community disaster experiences and advances in forecasting technologies. In 2007, COMPREND continues its efforts on the grass-root level, focusing on Asian communities such as those in the Philippines, China, and India.
  7. DRH is a web-based facility to compile appropriate disaster reduction technologies and knowledge that incorporates regional characteristics of Asian countries and has solid implementation strategy. It is a part of implementation of HFA 2005-2015.

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