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  1. 'The Creative Climate project is a way of telling environmental change issues as unfolding stories, where anyone can hold their own account of how they’re trying to understand and respond to environmental issues.'
  2. Site for crowdsourcing local environmental projects.
  3. Interesting article about analyzing tweets for disaster assessment.
  4. Understanding Risk (UR) is a global forum that brings together experts and practitioners in disaster risk assessment.
  5. An iPhone app that encourages people to help monitor the health of local creeks and watersheds, including amount of water, rate of flow, amount of trash, and a photo.
  6. Online game developed by the Institute for the Future and the World Bank Institute to help participants develop skills and solutions to world problems. The 10-week game is free to play and begins March 3. Players will complete 10 missions and 10 quests — one a week .
  7. Demonstration site that explores how mobile phones can be used by neighborhoods and communities (in this case by people with disabilities and their carers) to gather local information, build local knowledge and integrate this with statistical, administrative and planning data within a community data repository.

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