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  1. Article about the evolution of Occupy during the Hurrican Sandy response.
  2. Article about how the New York Fire Department is reconsidering some long-held ideas on how to fight fires in response to changes in furnishings which are causing faster burning and hotter fires.
  3. Case tudy from the Emegency Capacity Building project's experience using emergency simulations to improve humanitarian response.
  4. Blog posting on the use of social media in the phases of disaster management, including some thoughts on using a more delineated set of phases.
  5. Includes seven core data sets that drive GHA's analysis, mapping and quantifying of the financing flows to humanitarian crises.
  6. Compilation of comics from 35 artists in response to March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Project was funded through Kickstarter.
  7. Collaborative community for FEMA stakeholders to suggest and respond to ideas about emergency preparedness, disaster response and recovery, and other emergency management topics.
  8. The Red Cross and Dell have launched a Digital Operations Center to better share safety and preparedness tips for disasters.

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