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  1. Article with some interesting points about activism and perceptions of the Red Crescent in Iran
  2. Interesting article about analyzing tweets for disaster assessment.
  3. Tool to analyze future post-disaster shelter recovery needs in relation to flood risk as well as to manage information about on-going risks after a disaster and their implications for shelter planning.
  4. 'Compendium of actions undertaken in G20 and other countries to protect their populations and assets against losses from adverse natural events. It also outlines how the G20, the World Bank, and other international partners can play an increased role in cooperating with national and local authorities on the challenges set out in the report.'
  5. Books and manuals from UNNATI Organization for Development Education.
  6. Results of a two-round Delphi process run with 36 experts from around to world o develop a list of 86 threats in 11 categories important for the next decade which were felt to be not currently receiving adequate planning or adequate development of mitigation options.
  7. 'This OECD Environment Working Paper ... draw[s] upon growing bodies of experience with the development and implementation of tools designed to screen for climate change risks and facilitate adaptation. They explore the extent to which these tools are meeting user needs, and whether opportunities exist for streamlining the tools landscape.'
  8. Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction is currently using txteagle to collect survey data on progress toward the HFA from 40,000 respondents in 48 countries via an SMS message system.
  9. Report from a comprehensive household vulnerability and risk study in Catanduanes and Camarines Sur provinces in the Bicol region of the Philippines that compared vulnerability in communities that had received ACF assistance versus others that had not.
  10. Article about the collection of aerial data in NY City that will be used to create up-to-date maps of the areas most prone to flooding, the buildings best suited for the installation of solar power and the neighborhoods most in need of trees.

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