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  1. A comic strip explores disaster Do's and DON'TS through a character known as Silly Timmy. This is most suitable for children aged 6-10, but could be used with children of all ages as a story or just as a fun comic that helps learning.
  2. Results of a Special Evaluation Study by ADB's Independent Evaluation Department of ADB's policies and programs related to disaster risk management.
  3. 'The Creative Climate project is a way of telling environmental change issues as unfolding stories, where anyone can hold their own account of how they’re trying to understand and respond to environmental issues.'
  4. A game encoraging awareness and adoption of urban agriculture. Has an interesting team (city) based approach.
  5. Blog article outlining four common operating archetypes that prevent projects from effectively implementing a market facilitation approach.
  6. Children's book written by Lucy Bromer and Caroline Crowley as their Master’s thesis while studying social work and disaster mental health at Tulane University. The book is intended to promote conversation and understanding among children who have lived through the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Tri-lingual version in Creole, French, and English.
  7. Blog written by team members and guests of the Impact and Learning Team based at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) to explore 'what happens when people and technology mediate between researchers and decision makers'.
  8. Case tudy from the Emegency Capacity Building project's experience using emergency simulations to improve humanitarian response.
  9. Set of games developed in collaboration between the Parsons School of Design and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre.

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