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  1. Sustainable Cities Collective is an editorially independent, moderated community for leaders of major metropolitan areas, urban planning and sustainability professionals.
  2. A program designed to help neighborhoods prepare for disasters by mapping neighborhood capacities as well as areas of vulnerability and special need.
  3. An analysis of the connections among population dynamics, urbanization processes and disaster risk reduction. Amongst the main findings are that public policies should increase governance and guide urban sustainable development in order to anticipate future levels of exposure, by enhancing land-use plans, climate change adaptation strategies and considering disaster risk management.
  4. Acronym: PSROIParticipatory Social Return on Investment (PSROI) seeks to provide a pragmatic, local-level planning and costing framework suitable for replication by government and civil society organizations. The ‘PSROI Framework’ is designed around a participatory workshop for prioritizing and planning community-based adaptation (CBA) strategies, followed by an analysis of the economic, social and environmental impacts of the priority measures using a novel cost-benefit analysis framework
  5. Article on debate within the Berkeley City Council about the equity in where preparedness activities have been supported within the city.
  6. Books and manuals from UNNATI Organization for Development Education.
  7. Includes seven core data sets that drive GHA's analysis, mapping and quantifying of the financing flows to humanitarian crises.

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