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  1. Manual for trainers, practitioners and facilitators from local government authorities, civil society organizations, academic institutions and women’s groups and communities to help harness the capacities of both women and men in addressing vulnerable conditions and protecting themselves, their families and communities against hazards.
  2. Guide pratique à l’usage de l’évaluation de la vulnérabilité et des capacités (EVC).
  3. This report provides an in-depth analysis of how Haiti can successfully apply community-based environmental management as a tool for reducing its risks to natural disasters.
  4. This special issue of Participatory Learning and Action focuses on recent approaches to climate change adaptation and discusses how community-based approaches to climate change have emerged, and the similarities and differences between CBA and other participatory development and disaster risk reduction approaches.
  5. Review of effectiveness of LA RED programs in Central America in terms of fund leverage, human resource development, institutional strengthening, partnerships, scientific/technical advances, and policy uptake.


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