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  1. Global site to share knowledge on urban humanitarian crises.
  2. "Manned by Indonesian journalists, volunteers, and social workers ... Indonesia-Relief.Org is ... providing news and report on Indonesia tsunami disaster relief".
  3. Transcript of Remarks to UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) regarding recovery efforts in response to the Indian Ocean tsunami by UN Special Envoy for Tsunami Recovery President Bill Clinton.
  4. Resources from UNEP's Global Programme for Action clearinghouse outlining guiding principles for coastal reconstruction and rehabilitation from the Indian Ocean tsunami.
  5. Information clearinghouse for the tsunami response and recovery hosted by the Asia Regional Information Center.
  6. A report by the Operations Evaluation Department of the Asian Development Bank evaluating the effectiveness of ADB's Disaster and Emergency Assistance Policy adopted in May 2004.
  7. ADB has adopted "a comprehensive disaster and emergency assistance policy that provides rehabilitation and reconstruction assistance and assists developing member countries with prevention, preparation, and mitigation of the impact of future disasters".
  8. This report aims to provide an overview of the World Bank’s experience in providing assistance for natural disasters and to lay the foundation for a new paradigm of natural disaster management, involving a shift to a more proactive approach.
  9. News and project documents from UN-Habitat relating to the Dec 2004 Tsunami response and recovery.


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