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  1. 13-02-2013 to , by mpetal
  2. Global site to share knowledge on urban humanitarian crises.
  3. Overview of a project project to develop anopen-source cloud-based search engine for evaluation and lessons learned data in order to ensure quick access to relevant information in operational contexts.
  4. Project funded by the Humanitarian Innovation Fund to use technology to increase the effectiveness of accountability to affected communities by creating an interactive communication platform using innovative SMS and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology in a humanitarian setting.
  5. 'This briefing paper provides a distillation of the learning from thirty years of humanitarian response to earthquakes, looking at preparedness, relief and recovery.'
  6. Report to report is to 'assist agencies working in the response to Cyclone Nargis by highlighting key lessons that have been learned from other natural disasters, specifically floods, hurricanes and cyclones'.
  7. This briefing paper provides a synthesis of and introduction to key lessons from evaluations of relief and recovery/humanitarian response to flooding in the last 20 years from Africa, Asia and the Americas.
  8. A briefing paper on the concept of compounding crises characterised by multiple and inter‐connected aspects of vulnerability.

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