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  1. A comic strip explores disaster Do's and DON'TS through a character known as Silly Timmy. This is most suitable for children aged 6-10, but could be used with children of all ages as a story or just as a fun comic that helps learning.
  2. Analysis of preparedness marketing activities of California Earthquake Authority, including co-branding project with American Red Cross.
  3. Article on USGS study of Hurricane Sandy impact on Fire Island, a barrier island of the coast of Long Island, NY.
  4. Site of the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association.
  5. Blog psoting highlighting the range of preparedness activities that Japan has undertaken and how these performed in the 2011 earthquake/tsunami/nuclear incident.
  6. Article on debate within the Berkeley City Council about the equity in where preparedness activities have been supported within the city.
  7. Survey on information used for preparedness and response during Hurricane Isaac.
  8. Article evaluating pace of NYC's efforts in climate change adaptation.
  9. Humorous treatment of disaster preparedness, but with lots of kernels of truth intermixed.

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