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  1. Article about community based reconstruction project in Ravine Pintade supported by USAID and CHF.
  2. Lessons from ADB's Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Support Project in Indonesia in response to the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.
  3. Online sourcebook on upgrading urban slums.
  4. Review of the Kabul Area Shelter and Settlement (KASS) Project. "By providing shelters in an urban environment, existing resources were able to be consolidated and improved, people were able to live in areas close to employment and family, and not relegated to satellite suburbs or cities where they could feel displaced and separate from the community".
  5. Briefing paper which highlights key lessons from past urban responses to guide local authorities, national governments, international agencies, the private sector, and community organisations in approaching the challenges of addressing and responding to disaster risks in urban environments.
  6. Focusing on settlement and shelter, this paper examines 4 areas: (i) safety, security, and livelihoods; (ii) how post-disaster settlement and shelter could have an improved connection with permanent housing and communities; (iii) fairness and equity; and (iv) connecting relief and development by tackling root causes of vulnerability.
  7. A UK based network providing members with a forum for the exchange of ideas and information on medium/long term recovery and rehabilitation of communities and settlements affected by the tsunami.
  8. News and project documents from UN-Habitat relating to the Dec 2004 Tsunami response and recovery.


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