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  1. Map showing the dead or missing, damaged buldings, and nuclear power facilities impacted by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
  2. Topographic map showing areas of settlement in and around Port-au-Prince as well as maps of buildng damage, temporary shetler sites, and road blockages.
  3. GRIP targets an improved evidence base for disaster risk management and an increased adoption of risk evidence in disaster risk management and development processes
  4. Project focused on 'providing relief workers and affected communities with a simpler and more straightforward analytical and decision-making framework to identify significant environmental issues in relation to ... saving lives and reducing damage'.
  5. "An aid memoir for the survey of historic, traditional and non-engineered buildings but many techniques will be of value for the survey of modern reinforced concrete and steel framed structures" developed by Ove Arup group for Gujarat Earthquake 2001.
  6. Collection of satellite images from Sri Lanaka and Indonesia showing "before" and "after" views of communities affected by the Indian Ocean Tsunami.
  7. Survey of impacts of the Indian Ocean tsunami on infrastructure for the Japan Agency for Marine Science and Technology.
  8. A guide developed by the South Pacific Disaster Reduction Programme for clear and concise assessment of damages, losses and injuries in the aftermath of a disaster as a prerequisite for the effective planning and implementation of relief and recovery.
  9. A collection of tools for both policy and practice related to post-disaster and post-conflict needs assessment.


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