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  1. Results of a two-round Delphi process run with 36 experts from around to world o develop a list of 86 threats in 11 categories important for the next decade which were felt to be not currently receiving adequate planning or adequate development of mitigation options.
  2. A review of how Nicaragua has recovered from Hurricane Mitch over the past ten years.
  3. A global information portal on pandemic influenza contingency.
  4. Epidemic and Pandemic Alert and Response (EPR). National Pandemic Preparedness plans
  5. The Pandemic Preparedness Capacity Map identifies by country the diverse range of current NGO capacities that indicate the level of community preparedness or that could potentially be leveraged in a pandemic situation. It identifies those capacities already on the ground as an indicator of the level of preparedness of communities as well as response capacities of NGOs – including health programs, disaster preparedness programs, food security programs, community outreach and media programs, etc.
  6. Evaluation of a number of poverty reduction strategies papers (PRSPs) in order to identify more effective policy and interventions for both poverty and vulnerability reduction.
  7. A global multi hazard watch service
  8. GRIP targets an improved evidence base for disaster risk management and an increased adoption of risk evidence in disaster risk management and development processes
  9. Risk Assessment tools for diagnosis of urban areas against seismic disasters

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