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  1. 15-03-2014 to , by mpetal
  2. Review of Fonkoze's experience with using microfinance as an assistance strategy.
  3. Podcast about alternate reality game sponssored by the British Red Cross as part of its Civilians in Conflict campaign.
  4. Set of 3 profile studies aimed to help organisations assist and promote the rights of IDPs in conflict-affected countries to collect and analyse information on people displaced into cities.
  5. Review of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict and its regional networks.
  6. Variety of datasets that have been compiled for World Bank research.
  7. his is the Blogosphere’s first blog on the theory and practice of conflict early warning and response. The field of conflict early warning seeks to forecast the outbreak of armed conflict, or, at minimum, to detect the early escalation of violence, with the objective of preventing the outbreak or the further escalation of violence in order to save lives. The purpose of this blog is to openly share how our thinking on early warning has changed and continues to change as we seek to maximize the impact of our work in operational conflict prevention. What works? What no longer works? What’s next?
  8. In this report GECHS, in collaboration with several leading institutions within the climate change community, analyzes recent literatures on the human dimensions of climate change and the risk perspective. Recognition of the threats to human security associated with climate change has generated growing interest in the relationship between disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. There is an intuitive understanding that the two are closely linked, yet it has been difficult to elaborate a common framework for addressing disaster risk in the context of climate change.
  9. Collaborative effort spearheaded by the SEEP Network to develop standards addressing 'strategies and interventions designed to promote enterprises, employment, and cash flow and asset management among affected enterprises and livelihoods in environments affected by conflict or disaster'.

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