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  1. Article outlining the damage to sewage treatment plants by Hurricane Sandy and the continued risks to sewage treatment plants in other locations.
  2. Press release for solar (and wind) powered reverse osmosis water pump.
  3. LifeStraw™ is a portable water purification tool that cleanses surface water and makes it safe for human consumption, requiring no electrical power or spare parts.
  4. The State of Vermont has installed a system that uses plants and organisms to clean wastewater at a rebuilt rest stop on Interstate 89 ... and then pumps the treated water back to the toilets for reuse.
  5. Report intended "to learn about and compare the perceptions of hygiene and sanitation at household, community and‘ official’ levels" in an effort to better underastand the community trends that influence adoption.
  6. Overview of base principles, types of services, and site considerations for water sanitation services for relief and temporary shelters for the Dec 2004 tsunami response.


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