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  1. Site set up to enable global comparability of city performance and knowledge sharing.
  2. The Urban Strategy web site is devoted to documenting the urban transformation that is now underway and promoting the exchange of ideas, information, and good practices.
  3. An international network of regional resource centres providing training, technical support and policy advice to local and national governments, producer organizations, NGO’s and other local stakeholders.
  4. Overview of the use of municipal bonds by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) to undertake critical projects to improve water infrastructure.
  5. Un assemblement des projets et évaluations de reconstruction post crises faites par Groupe URD dans les environnements urbains.
  6. Participatory model used within the the Cities Programme of the Global Compact to provide an effective mechanism to help resolve longstanding and intractable social, environmental and economic urban issues.
  7. The Cities Programme seeks to translate the overarching 10 principles of the UN Global Compact into innovative, concrete and sustainable solutions to intractable economic, social and environmental urban issues.

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