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  1. 3 days, 3 ways is a local campaign in the western United States that includes an interactive video with general preparedness information and quizzes after each section. The campaign has also been advertised in the media and pamphlets have been distributed.
  2. New multi-year public education campaign entitled Dare to Prepare. The first year of the campaign, Shift Happens: Secure your Space, is focused on non-structural risk reduction directed at home and business owners. A free guide has been distributed through local newspaper promoting Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety. See Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country. The Great California Shakeout, a mass-participation simulation exercise is planned for November, 2008.
  3. The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes has information for homeowners and their children regarding risk awareness and reduction. They have specific instructions for how to incorporate disaster resistant features in an existing home.
  4. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has general and specific disaster information, risk maps, and preparedness information for a wide range of hazards.
  5. This section of the FEMA website is dedicated to educating children about disaster preparedness. It has interactive games they can play, printable pages and informational sheets to fill out with their families.
  6. Flood Smart is a national site dedicated to teach citizens about flooding and flood insurance. It has information about flood insurance and checklists for hurricane preparedness.
  7. Wells Fargo Bank has a blog site that was launched for the 100th anniversary of the great California Earthquake. It discusses famous historical events and how they relate to our lives today, including famous historical disasters. There are also links to disaster preparedness information on the site.
  8. Map Modernization (Map Mod) is a five-year initiative by FEMA to remap floodplains in the United States and provide digital maps accessible to the public via the internet. A significant component to Map Mod is public awareness and education. When the mapping is complete, citizens should be able to view their flood risk anywhere in the country.
  9. The Masters of Disaster Curriculum Kit created by the American Red Cross contains ready-to-go lesson plans, activities, and demonstrations on disaster-related topics that teachers can incorporate within core subject areas. It also has a home version that families can use with their children at home

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