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  1. The Red Cross is providing financial support to City Harvest and the Food Bank for New York City to bolster their capacity to serve food packages.
  2. Article with some interesting points about activism and perceptions of the Red Crescent in Iran
  3. A Resource Centre is to assist Red Cross Red Crescent network members in increasing awareness and use of effective livelihoods programming strategies to enhance community capacity and individuals' skills and practices, which will restore and maintain sustainable livelihoods and economically-secure living conditions.
  4. Article about launch of the Sino-Africa Red Cross and Red Crescent Forum through which the China Red Cross is providing support to Red Cross national societies in Africa.
  5. Article on how the American Red Cross responded positively to a social media faux pas.
  6. The Red Cross and Dell have launched a Digital Operations Center to better share safety and preparedness tips for disasters.
  7. Project funded by the Humanitarian Innovation Fund to use technology to increase the effectiveness of accountability to affected communities by creating an interactive communication platform using innovative SMS and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology in a humanitarian setting.
  8. Blog post higlighting the American Red Cross' communications on the Haitian earthquake relief effort.

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