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  1. This report was intended to "identify strengths and weaknesses in United States Agency for International Development's reconstruction programs in Honduras and Nicaragua in their compliance with goals stated in Stockholm in May 1999".
  2. This report "presents a comprehensive overview of the Cuban model of risk reduction in disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery, and explores what may be adapted from this model in other countries".
  3. A guide developed by the South Pacific Disaster Reduction Programme for clear and concise assessment of damages, losses and injuries in the aftermath of a disaster as a prerequisite for the effective planning and implementation of relief and recovery.
  4. This report is a project of the Women’s Commission for Refugee Women and Children to better "understand how many refugee, displaced and returnee children and youth have access to education and the nature of the education they receive".
  5. Outline of USAID post-tsunami programming in Indonesia focusing on relief and rehabilitation, the transition from camps to communities, rebuilding infrastructure and providing technical assistance for good governance and reconciliation.
  6. Highlights program offering graduate students from countries devastated by the tsunami full scholarships to train them to rebuild their homelands.
  7. Article from the Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Review that "proposes new mechanisms for trade and investment cooperation that allow the private sector to assist in the rehabilitation of the tsunami-affected regions".
  8. Overview of base principles, types of services, and site considerations for water sanitation services for relief and temporary shelters for the Dec 2004 tsunami response.
  9. This report aims to provide an overview of the World Bank’s experience in providing assistance for natural disasters and to lay the foundation for a new paradigm of natural disaster management, involving a shift to a more proactive approach.

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