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  1. Program to reduce the vulnerability and suffering of people affected by disasters by raising awareness, and promoting the strengthening of the laws, rules and principles that ensure a timely, adequate and efficient international response to disasters.
  2. 'Web based collaboration tool that addresses the common coordination problems during a disaster from finding missing people, managing aid, managing volunteers, tracking camps effectively between Government, civil society and the victims themselves.'
  3. Article arguing 'that the prionty in economlc recovery should be on maintaining the economic flows that support the prosperity and activíties of the affected area'.
  4. 'This paper analyses the socio-economic effects of hurricane Mitch using a gender approach and proposes new analysis indicators for crisis situations that may better reflect women’s disadvantageous position relative to men.'
  5. This book is an outcome of research on 'Community Responses to Industrial Hazards' carried out under the Environment Programme of the UN University ... to study cases where societal disruption has been caused by serious environmental pollution.
  6. A study describing 'the experiences of children and their families in the days and weeks following the storm, discusses what was done on behalf of children to reduce their vulnerability, and illustrates various things that children did for themselves'.
  7. A conference hosted by Tulane University looking at Hurricane Katrina’s effects on New Orleans’ population.
  8. Broad set of evaluations conducted by ECHO including ones focused on disaster preparedness, risk reduction, and recovery.
  9. Report of workshop 'held to refine the TRIAMS concept and achieve consensus among the countries concerned and other partners on the process to assess the impact of the response and monitor ongoing recovery efforts.'

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