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  1. Report to report is to 'assist agencies working in the response to Cyclone Nargis by highlighting key lessons that have been learned from other natural disasters, specifically floods, hurricanes and cyclones'.
  2. Paper looking at how after Hurricane Katrina “the neighborhood surrounding the Mary Queen of Vietnam Catholic Church was showing clear signs of recovery” in contrast to the slow pace of recovery in other areas.
  3. 'This paper analyses the socio-economic effects of hurricane Mitch using a gender approach and proposes new analysis indicators for crisis situations that may better reflect women’s disadvantageous position relative to men.'
  4. A study describing 'the experiences of children and their families in the days and weeks following the storm, discusses what was done on behalf of children to reduce their vulnerability, and illustrates various things that children did for themselves'.
  5. Broad set of evaluations conducted by ECHO including ones focused on disaster preparedness, risk reduction, and recovery.

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