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  1. Article outlining the current resistnace to mitigation measures proposed by FEMA for the Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
  2. An "Assessment of the Planning Function in Post-Katrina New Orleans" by a team from the APA, looking at use of the city's master plan in development decisions before the disaster and recommendations for strengthening the planning capacity going forward.
  3. "Drawing on an analysis of New Orleans' recent development history" this report "shows how the region's past development trends exacerbated the catastrophe, and suggests how the region might rise again on a better footing".
  4. Announcement of plan for "rebuilding of the devastated Gulf Coast through the creation of a Gulf Opportunity Zone, a government enterprise that he said would provide help on taxes, housing, education and job training for the victims of Hurricane Katrina".
  5. Thoughts about principles for rebuilding a bright, green, safe New Orleans.
  6. "... in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, some architects and urban planners are contemplating the larger question of what form the city should take - whether restored, reimagined or something in between."
  7. Suggestion for using Christopher Alexander's concept of a "Pattern Language" in a wiki-like way to encourage participatory revision of rebuilding plans toward a consensus view or vision.


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