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  1. Collection of essays by urbanists, health and labor economists, and education and housing experts to chart paths out of the immediate emergency situation with proposals for rebuilding the social infrastructure of New Orleans.
  2. A list of projects that are bringing new creative energy, attracting tourism, rebuilding homes, overhauling the educational system, and stimulating economic activity to underscore how far the city has come in recovering from Hurricane Katrina.
  3. Paper looking at how after Hurricane Katrina “the neighborhood surrounding the Mary Queen of Vietnam Catholic Church was showing clear signs of recovery” in contrast to the slow pace of recovery in other areas.
  4. A study describing 'the experiences of children and their families in the days and weeks following the storm, discusses what was done on behalf of children to reduce their vulnerability, and illustrates various things that children did for themselves'.
  5. Guidelines for sustainable design in the reconstruction of New Orleans developed by participants in a charrette on Gulf Coast Reconstruction that was held on November 9-11, 2005, at the U.S. Green Building Council’s annual conference in Atlanta.
  6. Article outlining the current resistnace to mitigation measures proposed by FEMA for the Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
  7. An "Assessment of the Planning Function in Post-Katrina New Orleans" by a team from the APA, looking at use of the city's master plan in development decisions before the disaster and recommendations for strengthening the planning capacity going forward.
  8. "Drawing on an analysis of New Orleans' recent development history" this report "shows how the region's past development trends exacerbated the catastrophe, and suggests how the region might rise again on a better footing".
  9. Analysis of "the status and use of the storm recovery housing options currently made available by the Bush administration, along with the known costs associated with each type of housing aid."
  10. "Using a wide array of about 50 economic and social indicators, the Metropolitan Policy Program has compiled the first in a series of monthly snapshots of economic and both short term and long term reconstruction trends ..."

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