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  1. 3 days, 3 ways is a local campaign in the western United States that includes an interactive video with general preparedness information and quizzes after each section. The campaign has also been advertised in the media and pamphlets have been distributed.
  2. A City of San Francisco program, 72hours.org addresses all hazards and provides public information urging people to make a plan, build a kit and get involved. Online information is provided in English, Spanish and Chinese. A 24/7 text-based emergency information service is broadcast to wireless devices.
  3. AIDMI addresses risk reduction for the poor.
  4. AIDM has created a three-month course to address the urgent need to raise awareness levels of the general public. The courses are aimed at officers of the defence forces and other professionals.
  5. This is a annotated bibliography on early warning, public awareness, public education developed by Dennis S. Mileti, Rachel Bandy, Linda B. Bourque, Aaron Johnson, Megumi Kano, Lori Peek, Jeannette Sutton, Michele Wood at Natural Hazard Centre, University of Colorado
  6. The General Insurance Association of Japan and the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters organize a learning event annually that invites more than 100 radio presenters from all over the nation. Presenters experience effects of a large earthquake and then listen to lectures on the importance of disaster preparedness. The presenters are then asked to speak about their experience with their listening audience.
  7. The British Columbia Ministry of Public Safety provides information for the general public regarding community emergency planning, response and recovery. There are similar programs in each province.
  8. ABC curriculum created by the Disaster Preparedness Education Unit at Bogazici University (AHEP) and implemented by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Education (MEB) in 50 provinces. Master trainers have trained 20,000+ primary-school teachers who have reached more than 5 million children with the curriculum. Turkish and English.
  9. The Benfield Hazard Research Centre, affiliated with University College, London transfers natural hazard and risk research, practice, and innovation from the academic environment to business, government and international agencies. They also have an education program for insurers regarding natural hazards.
  10. The British Red Cross teaches first aid courses and sells first aid kits on their website.

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