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  1. Article on engaging urban slum communities to strengthen information flows and enable new and better solutions for community resilience.
  2. IVIMS helps countries carry out a more careful characterization of the food insecure and vulnerable population groups, improving understanding through cross-sectoral analysis of the underlying causes, and using evidence-based information and analysis to advocate for the formulation and implementation of policies and programmes enhancing food security
  3. Website provides access to Food Security related information and resources produced by the EC-FAO Food Security Information for Action Programme.
  4. What Does It All Mean
  5. School of Informatics and Pervasive Technology Labs at Indiana University studying the use of information and technology in the preparation, mitigation, response and recovery phases of disasters and emergencies.
  6. This paper is a collaboration between the Government of India and UNDP to review lessons on knowledge management based on experience in responding to disasters in India.


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