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  1. "This guide is an effort to communicate construction guidelines in popular format and ... give an elementary understanding of structural damages that occur due to the most common vulnerabilities in houses of poor quality construction."
  2. Article examining efforts of AIG and other insurance companies to expand their sales to countires in the developing world.
  3. AIDMI addresses risk reduction for the poor.
  4. 12-12-2007 to , , by mpetal
  5. AIDM has created a three-month course to address the urgent need to raise awareness levels of the general public. The courses are aimed at officers of the defence forces and other professionals.
  6. A review by the World Bank Operations Evaluation Department of the Citizen Report Cards initiative in Bangalore which finds that the report cards have been an important vehicle for civil society’s “voice” in Bangalore.
  7. Transcript of Remarks to UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) regarding recovery efforts in response to the Indian Ocean tsunami by UN Special Envoy for Tsunami Recovery President Bill Clinton.
  8. Study of the adoption of rainfall insurance 'designed to compensate low-income Indian farmers in case of deficient rainfall during the primary monsoon season'.

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