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  1. Study of the annual variation in the incidence of typhoons to identify the effect of environmental disaster on economic and health outcomes in Filipino households.
  2. Description of the response to the cholera outbreak in Haiti. Mentions some issues around repurposing funds donated for the earthquake response.
  3. Article about the impact of extreme year-to-year variations in acorn yields.
  4. The mission of the Health and Climate Foundation is to bridge the health and climate communities in order to catalyze new opportunities to reduce the impact of climate sensitive diseases. The organization focuses on practical outcomes and it achieves its mission through leveraging public and private partnerships, facilitating dialogue and building capacity in stakeholder communities to deliver solutions on the ground.
  5. Website with tools and resources for city management, governance, and finance solutions in urban environments to promote local economic growth, health, environmental sustainability, security, and access to housing, infrastructure and services
  6. Childinfo.org: Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys - Previous Surveys - Available reports/datasets by country
  7. Effort to measure development gains in the U.S. across states and districts according to indicators in three key areas: health, education and income.
  8. Lessons from a study of commitments by companies and other organizations through the Clinton Global Initiative. The study focuses in particularly on commitments to help improve the global supply chain.

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