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  1. Article about the use of social impact bonds to increase focus on results for government funding of social development activities and to strengthen the case for increasing such funding.
  2. This report analyzes the effectiveness of U.S. government education work specifically in relation to conflict-affected and fragile states.
  3. The Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF) is preparing to make a payout to the Government of Haiti as a result of the January 2010 earthquake.
  4. Acil durum yönetiminin merkez, taşra ve okul örgütlenmesini içeren model, ilgili literatüre göre geliştirilmiştir. Bir sorukagidi uygulamasi ile ilgili kurumlarin gorusleri de alinmistir. A model developed that emergency organization's aspect of government, local and school administration. In term of a questionnaire application, reviews of related organizations about the proposed model had been measured.
  5. A guide developed to help decision-makers in local, regional, or state government prepare for climate change by recommending a detailed, easy-to-understand process for climate change preparedness based on familiar resources and tools.
  6. Interesting site that collects suggestions on improving governance in the U.S. and allows visitors to vote up or down the various suggestions.
  7. A toolkit designed to help African civil society organisations analyse and monitor government policy implementation.
  8. Article outlining how government recovery 'plans tend to ignore the innate abilities of individuals, communities, and businesses to use a variety of resources and ... information to guide their decisions about whether and how to rebuild'.

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