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  1. Suggestion for using Christopher Alexander's concept of a "Pattern Language" in a wiki-like way to encourage participatory revision of rebuilding plans toward a consensus view or vision.
  2. Website using Google Maps to show estimated flooding depths in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
  3. A site that "takes housing postings from all over the web, and puts them together for your easy access". Includes a map-based search.
  4. Listing of shelter locations across U.S. for Hurricane Katrina victims. Site include maps of available shelters and updated status information.
  5. Blog post outlining possibility for developing a web-based mapping system to serve as a clearinghouse for offers of housing and ridesharing for hurricane victims. Also includes some ideas for addressing trust issues.
  6. Map "intended for the use of people affected by Hurricane Katrina who have or are trying to find information about the status of specific locations affected by the storm and its aftermath".
  7. Community data center hosted by Nonprofit Knowledge Works. Good maps of background data about New Orleans.
  8. The NY Times has an interesting map of New Orleans, with information about flooding levels, income, race, elevation, and points of interest.


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