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  1. An article highlighting the Cool Climate tool which help households and local leaders calculate carbon footprints and develop specific actions plans in response.
  2. Clearinghouse for strategies and resources for community-based economic development.
  3. Article on teaching design approaches to high school students.
  4. Review of the Community Disaster Resilience Fund which was designed as a mechanism for bringing local priorities and capacities of disaster prone vulnerable communities to DRR programming.
  5. Report from a comprehensive household vulnerability and risk study in Catanduanes and Camarines Sur provinces in the Bicol region of the Philippines that compared vulnerability in communities that had received ACF assistance versus others that had not.
  6. Section from the summary report of the Tsunami Evaluation Coalition which alaysizes some of the implcations of the reoritentation of humanitarian assistance more toward community needs and priorities. (The section starts on p. 32 in case the link doesn't open directly there.)
  7. 'This paper provides a methodology and a set of indicators for measuring baseline characteristics of communities that foster resilience.'
  8. Short article about a Plan International program which has been helping families develop emergency preparedness and response plans over the last 12 months.

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