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  1. Article about launch of the Sino-Africa Red Cross and Red Crescent Forum through which the China Red Cross is providing support to Red Cross national societies in Africa.
  2. Comparison of Earthquake Cases and China Public Safety Early Warning InformationJournal Advanced Materials Research (Volume 461)Volume Advanced Building Materials and Structural EngineeringEdited by B. Xu and H.Y. LiPages 311-315DOI 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.461.311Citation Hong Chang An, 2012, Advanced Materials Research, 461, 311Online since February, 2012Authors Hong Chang AnKeywords Early Warning, Earthquake, Haiti Earthquake, Public Safety, Wenchuan EarthquakeAbstract This paper illustrates China Public Safety Early Warning Information on the basis of comparing some successful and unsuccessful earthquake cases. Structure and functions of China Public Safety Early Warning Information are shown. Weaknesses of China Public Safety E
    16-02-2012 to , by mpetal
  3. An in-depth analysis of the interplay of risk perception, communication and culture using comparative case study on flood risk perception in Wuhan, China, and Cologne, German.
  4. Short article describing efforts to go beyond green building standards to green district standards. Examples mentioned for Portland, Seattle, and cities in China.

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