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  1. An inventory of risk analysis and vulnerability assessment tools compiled by UN-HABITAT, UNDP (BCPR), OAS, ADPC, and others working with UN-ISDR/Working Group 3.
  2. Disaster vulnerability and capacity assessment in Albania to study community perceptions of disasters, their impact and local capacities to withstand, respond to and cope with disasters. The study was undertaken collaboratively by the Red Cross and UNDP.
  3. Interesting article about analyzing tweets for disaster assessment.
  4. Presents a global view of disaster risk hotspots summarizing analysis of the characteristics of hotspots for earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, floods, drought, and cyclones in relation to population distribution, economic output, & past disaster losses.
  5. This handbook is intended to outline the environmental requirements for small-scale community development initiatives, including humanitarian assistance, funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).
  6. "This briefing paper provides a synthesis of key lessons learned from relief responses to past earthquakes. The main intended audiences are operational decision-makers and relief programme managers working in the South Asia earthquake relief operation."
  7. "This briefing [paper] provides a synthesis of key lessons from post-disaster recovery programmes", covering "targeting, participation, assessment, shelter and housing, risk reduction and policy, drawing out main lessons in each area ..."
  8. Collaboration among ALNAP, OCHA, WHO, the Red Cross and other partners to 1) promote a sector-wide approach to evaluations of the tsunami response in order to optimise sector-wide learning and 2) develop procedures for the future establishment of an ongoi
  9. Outline of the overall management structure of the five multi-agency thematic evaluations being undertaken as part of the work of the Tsunami Evaluation Coalition.

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