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  1. Books and manuals from UNNATI Organization for Development Education.
  2. This special issue of Participatory Learning and Action focuses on recent approaches to climate change adaptation and discusses how community-based approaches to climate change have emerged, and the similarities and differences between CBA and other participatory development and disaster risk reduction approaches.
  3. Brief overview and exttensive bibliography on the application of participatory mapping to hazard identification and risk mapping.
  4. Mailing list, or listserv, to facilitatethe sharing of information and resources on CRA amongst risk experts and practitioners. Managed by ProVention.
  5. A collection of methodologies and case studies on CRA to help users to identify the most appropriate assessment methodologies and applications. Guidance notes for each of the the methods and case studies provide additional analysis.
  6. Resource guide put together by ITDG-South Asia to assist those engaged in post-disaster rebuilding after the Indian Ocean Tsunami.
  7. A guide developed by the South Pacific Disaster Reduction Programme for clear and concise assessment of damages, losses and injuries in the aftermath of a disaster as a prerequisite for the effective planning and implementation of relief and recovery.
  8. Handbook on participatory capacities and vulnerabilities assessment, recoginizing "the importance of local knowledge built on people's experience of disasters and of poor people taking the lead in addressing their vulnerabilities".
  9. Mini-manual for understanding and assessing households’ risk of food shortage
  10. Addressing the Perceived Needs of Refugees & Internally Displaced Persons Through Participatory Learning and Action - report of the Center for Refugee and Disaster Studies at the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health.

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