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  1. "This briefing [paper] provides a synthesis of key lessons from post-disaster recovery programmes", covering "targeting, participation, assessment, shelter and housing, risk reduction and policy, drawing out main lessons in each area ..."
  2. "This briefing paper provides a synthesis of key lessons learned from relief responses to past earthquakes. The main intended audiences are operational decision-makers and relief programme managers working in the South Asia earthquake relief operation."
  3. Improving communication with beneficiaries: an analysis of information flow to tsunami affected populations in Aceh Province
  4. Reflection by Ricardo Zapata Martí on his "recent experience in the evaluation processes of some recent disasters in which he participated in assessing the damage and losses caused to countries of different size and level of development".
  5. Outline of the overall management structure of the five multi-agency thematic evaluations being undertaken as part of the work of the Tsunami Evaluation Coalition.
  6. Report assessing the environmental impacts of the tsunami conducted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Sri Lankan Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.
  7. Report issued by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) assessing the impacts of the Indian Ocean tsunami on the Maldives environment.
  8. This site outlines "a paradigm shift from Post-disaster reconstruction & relief to Pre-disaster Pro-active approach".
  9. Handbook on participatory capacities and vulnerabilities assessment, recoginizing "the importance of local knowledge built on people's experience of disasters and of poor people taking the lead in addressing their vulnerabilities".
  10. Assessment of the Minimum Initial Service Package in Tsunami-affected Areas in Indonesia.

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